Premium facial beauty treatment originally from Spain will provide you the best facial care and fulfill your different skin needs. Functions include but not only deep wrinkle removal, tightening and lifting, anti-oxidation, whitening and hydrating, acne scar softening. Combining with the facial and shoulder massage, your face, body, and mind can be completely relaxed.


60-90 minutes for one session


Makeup Removal – Face Wash – Deep Cleansing – Exfoliation – Facial and Shoulder Massage – Blackhead Removal- Sterilization – Phototherapy – Essence Application – Mask


Anti-wrinkle: Like Botox injection, this treatment will fill your expression lines, and the result will look really natural. At the same time, the skin will have the ability to get rid of the new wrinkles. With a strong restoring power, it can effectively smooth wrinkles, repair the traces of the years, and make the skin glow.

Anti-aging: Works for the skin that is hypoxic, hypertensive, or needs to be rejuvenated to prevent aging. It can effectively alleviate the impact of pollution on the face. Based on the two key factors of cytokine and oxygen, it can adapt to the new demands brought by the current lifestyle. It is an overall solution for the urban environmental factors that damage the skin in daily life. Its formula can effectively alleviate the main signs of aging, strengthen the skin , and prevent aging.

Lifting and tightening: Works for sagging or firming skin. This treatment will work in the deeper skin as well. It plays a role from the inside out, and the lifting effect is remarkable. It imitates the surgical lifting, “reconstructs” the skin supporting structure, reshapes the facial contours, and fully awaken the youthful vitality of the skin from three dimensions.

Improve skin tone: Removing skin impurities helps eliminate dead cells that contain excess melanin and improves skin tone. This treatment can minimize freckles on the face, control the formation of ecchymoses make skin tone more even and harmonious, and minimize pigmentation. In addition, it restores the shine, brightness and transparency of your complexion as well as keeps the skin moist and elastic, makes the skin more firm and smooths wrinkles. It can actively defend against free radical attacks and achieve anti-aging goals like protecting against UVA + UVB rays.

Anti-oxidation: Works for the skin that is lack of vitality and brightness, sallow or dull. This treatment contains true revitalizing essence and high concentration of vitamin C. It can effectively repair skin radiance, rejuvenate skin and make texture more uniform. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-glycosylation effects to inhibit and delay the formation of age and skin aging. It has rich nutrition and high-efficiency anti-oxidation effect, which can make skin rejuvenated and exquisite.

Eye care: This treatment contains an excellent combination of active ingredients to effectively and accurately repair and prevent fine lines and expression line, and bring youthful vitality to the area around eyes.