Patient’s Story: The Perfect Match: Nutritional Supplement And Skin Recovery

Treatment: biocare injection+microneedles

Experiencer: Shelly

It is a great honor to participate in the Dealmoon experience event. The treatment of this experience is the biocare injection+microneedle procedure at AMCC in Los Angeles. When I arrived at AMCC on that day, the receptionist took me to the consulting room to know more about my skin conditions.

The consultants were very nice and very patient. They helped me analyze my skin type and my skin problems. I have non-allergic skin with large pores in the T area and a lot of acne scars in the chin and triangle. I had unfavorable microneedles treatment experiences that I had done at other hospitals before. The staff here specially arranged doctors to see if my skin could accept this beauty treatment. Very professional!

The nurse helped me get started with the treatment and put anesthetic on my face. I asked her a lot of daily skincare questions and she answered them one by one in a really good and professional way. The staff at the front desk during the waiting time also served me the tea.

After applying anesthesia for 30 minutes, the entire face felt numb and speaking was somehow unnatural because the mouth was hard to be fully opened. The treatment got started! The doctor is Korean. Before starting the treatment, he especially reminded me that there might be a little bit of pain in the process. If I feel the pain, I can ask him for a short break before continuing.

I could feel the little sting during the whole process, but it is absolutely tolerable! The microneedles made me have some hot feeling, but the continuous application of nutrient solution on the skin was cooling. And maybe that is the reason why I did not feel too uncomfortable.

It took about 20 minutes for the whole treatment. The doctor said that because the right side of my face and the chin had more acne marks, he performed three times on those two areas. That was super caring! Haha



The doctor and nurses reminded me that the treatment area can not touch water for 24 hours and do not apply make-up for two days. He told me that my face might have some redness at night. And I cannot drink for three weeks (heartbreaking——)!

In fact, the microneedles do not produce effects right after the treatment. We need to wait a week for recovery. After a week of skin rejuvenation, here is the picture of my face with makeup on. After doing the treatment of biocare injection plus microneedles, I feel that the skin became significantly smoother and the smile lines are not as obvious as before. Acne scars are also a lot lighter!

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