Patient’s Story: Four steps of IPL/Limelight Treatment, 10 Minutes Freckle Removal Experience

Hello everyone! I am honored to be invited by Dealmoon to experience the IPL/Limelight treatment at AMCC in Arcadia. AMCC is the only medical and cosmetic center affiliated with seven hospitals in the Los Angeles area.The more professional, the more reassuring. Once you step into the hallway, the stylish and luxurious interior will attract your eyes. The spacious and bright lobby has a giant television screen that plays some of the treatment procedures. The before and after comparison pictures makes people feel comfortable and have more expectations.

After checking in at the front desk, the receptionist took me to the consulting room for the treatment information. The professional therapist recommended IPL/Limelight treatment to remove the freckles on my face. Since my freckles are inherent and often exposed under the sunlight, the therapist introduced the entire treatment process in detail and some of the reactions that may occur after treatment such as the darker spots, redness due to the burns, scabs, etc.

1.Facial cleasing and anesthetic application

The nurse then took me into the treatment room to cleanse my face. I washed my face thoroughly, applied anesthetic, and signed precautions before and after treatment. Although it is a very simple and non-invasive treatment, I have never done any laser treatment. I have been really nervous during the waiting time for anesthetic. Fortunately, the staff here are very patient and answered my questions in detail.

2.Eye protection

After half an hour passed, I was asked to lie down in the treatment room and wait for the therapist. The nurse carefully helped me to put on eye masks to prevent the glare from hurting my eyes.

It was really scary that I couldn’t see anything during the treatment. So I tried really hard to listen and know what’s going on. Luckily, the therapist is very professional. He used his soft voice to give me psychological support before every step. After evenly applying the aloe vera gel, therapist examined my eye mask and had it completely affixed.


After confirming that I was well prepared, the therapist told me to try it first and started counting down. Then I felt a flash of light in front of me, and heard a loud bang sound. Maybe I was too nervous and treated it as a scary treatment, but I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort except for the fact that the light was bright. The therapist asked if I felt slightly hot, whether it hurts, etc., and then fine-tuned according to my feelings. The entire treatment process took about 10 minutes and was faster and more comfortable than I expected.

Because this is a treatment, it is impossible for me to completely relax and enjoy as a facial massage. The only thing that I’m not used to is the strong energy that can be felt even when my eyes are closed. Although the therapist reminded me that I need to close my eyes, the energy transmitted through the bones is still very strong. Even if you are afraid of pain, you do not have to worry about it for this treatment. Although we may hear a buzzing sound during the laser treatment, we will not actually feel the pain at all. For example, it has the similar feeling as the time when my classmate accidently poked me with a pencil. I don’t know whether you can understand that feeling haha.

4. Ice pack and ointment application

At the end of the treatment, the nurse helped me put an ice pack on my treatment area and carefully applied anti-inflammatory ointment. He also told me not to wash my face within 24 hours and pay more attention to sunlight protection. The freckle removal treatment that I had always been looking forward to was finally done. I returned home with a great mood and waited for a few days to recover. I hope that I can have beautiful, clear face.

In fact, when the IPL treatment is just finished, it will not be particularly noticeable. Only a little bit of redness will appear. Melanin takes a little time to excrete the body slowly. I will keep updating the changing progress.

I am very grateful that Dealmoon provided this assessment opportunity for us. And also thanks to the services of AMCC for providing me a high-end experience. I hope this article can be helpful. If you have any beauty concerns, please contact AMCC for more detailed consultation! Luv u <3

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