Patient’s Story: AMCC Lip Journey

My overall experience with AMCC was amazing! The staff is super friendly and facility is super clean.

I wanted to just say thank you for enhancing my appearance and boosting my self confidence. It’s a subtle difference that the public may not notice, but it’s a huge difference to me!

This procedure is best for someone who wants to enhance their lips, not change.


-Nurse adds numbing cream, takes 30min

-Injector will ask exactly what you want, takes about 10 min

-Pain level: 5/10

Right after I got them done, I noticed they were really red and kind of hard. I didn’t feel any pain though since I was still numbed. The numbing cream lasted for another few hours. It was hard to drink and eat. I was icing my lips in hopes the swelling would go down but it is inevitable that they’re going to look huge!

Day 1: I started to see a bit bruising. It wasn’t unbearably painful but it does feel bruised, kind of like someone had punched you in the face haha. I noticed my lips looked a little bigger than yesterday. I could also feel a few hard lumps from where they injected.

Day 2: I could notice the bruising way more. I kept icing. The bruising pain had subsided a lot and I was able to eat and drink without a problem. To me, this day my lips were the biggest and projected out the most from the side.

Day 3: The bruising started to go down. I stopped icing. I could see my lips starting to shrink and they were softer.

Day 5: My lips had minimal bruising and there was 0 pain touching them. I was starting to see the final result of the shape and was really happy with them. The hard lumps also subsided a lot.

Day 7: My lips were getting softer and bruising had gone away entirely. I’m really happy with how they looked. They look perfectly even now.

I really didn’t notice any difference as the next few days went by. The hard lumps there were on my lips just become softer and softer daily. I still feel them a little bit but it’s not a big deal at all.

Fully recovered, soft, and full! Super happy with the final result and can’t wait to come back next time!

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