2017 AMCC Halloween Costume Party! Live DJ + FREE Sushi + Open Bar!

On the night of October 26th,

over one hundred people join AMCC 2017 Halloween Costume Party!

Everyone is all dressed up for the exciting Halloween party!

Some wore Sugar Skull Mask

Full house of Vampire Family also paid us a visit

“gangster” groups were attracted to the party

However, this group of “gangsters” has been carefully “searched” by our dutiful securities!

Skull Face with Frida Khalo

Dodgers loyal Fan

Alice & Joker

Star woman~

We invited Sushi Chef Joseph Ungrue from Hawaii to prepare Sushi onsite!

We also are very lucky to have one of the top company –

Behind the Glass Bartending to make cocktails for us!

BGB has been regularly chosen by Twitter, AirBnB and Zynga on their events!

Fascinating Cocktail making process was truly jaw dropping!

“Frozen Party Cocktails”

Thanks our amazing DJ Eskhobar

for the wonder night!

The highlight of the party had to be our lucky draw!

Seven people won various kinds of prizes, including:

“Botox face slimming”

“Botox leg slimming”

& “Laser Skincare”, etc

And congratulations to one lucky VIP Silver card holder, who got a FREE membership upgrade to Gold!

Next, we selected 3 best costume!

The prizes are:

Two Ruby Dermashine Beauty Package

And One PRP!

So…Who are going to be the luckiest ones of the night?

Is it her?

Is it her?

Is it her?

It’s THEM!
NO.1 :MadMax War Boy Cosplayer

No.2 & No.3 are——

Pop Coplayer & Ninja Cosplayer!

I’m sure this little Ninja’s mom would be very happy for HER prize this year!

Even Though, some were out of luck tonight,

getting together with friends and having a great laugh is the best gift!

As the same time,

thank you to all the press that came to our event!

Party Animals!

We’ll see you next party!

Stay Tuned!


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